This is a true and no less pecularly Italian story.

The protagonists are, first of all, two incorrigible as much as emblematic joyous dreamers: Claudio and his wife Mariateresa.
These are both vocational pioneers and innovators. Claudio Franceschelli , president of the homonymous Italian Group, is a successful, typical under 50 Bolognese Entrepreneur, whose professional behavior is gentlemanly driven by instinct and flair, and pragmatism as much as enthusiasm .
He is capable of clever and cute vision.
And, last but not least, he is passionate and determined.
He lives in an area that has one of Italy 's highest densities of fresh Gelato Maestro's.
He was grown up with the traditional Gourmet-Gourmand delicatessen of the gorgious land of Emilia-Romagna .
And especially with the most delicious tortellini, lasagne and tagliatelle al ragù , homemade with lovingness by his sweet Mum “Natalina”.
And with, not to mention, generous daily portions of delicious fresh Gelato.
Mariateresa is the group's Chief Financial Officer.
Her mother, Mum “Maria Angela”, was one of Bologna 's most reknown most authentic and traditional Bolognese Chefs.
And so were her mother's mother, and the mother of her mother's mother.
In their family, the recipes are rare and not less precious than secret treasures, that are passed down over the generations.
When Claudio took the strategic decision to extend the activities of Due Torri-, the family's integrated logistics company-, to China and the Far East, and started working to develop the first Italy-China/China-Italy fully integrated and one-head-governed logistics supply chain, what had to happen did happen...Claudio's pioneer and innovator nature induced him to timely decide he would have added another sumptuous petal to his group's rose. And that's where their good dream companions come in…

François Zille is an under 60 ethic-aesthetic-poetic international veteran troubadour of communication & marketing, with a parallel career as an essayist & teacher of visual Anthropology, and of Philosophy of Arts and applied Arts.
He belongs to an emigration-oriented North Italian large family from the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia that, since the years 1930, contributed to the diffusion of genuine fresh Italian Gelato in Belgium , France , Germany , Venezuela , Argentina and North America . With all this Gelato good flavours and vibrations in the air, Claudio and Mariateresa asked François to join them as a senior operative partner, for the planning and execution of a Gelato franchising network in the land of Lao Tzu and Confucius.
In order to give to an evermore increasing number of Chinese people the possibility to taste and appreciate the most authentic and delicious fresh Italian Gelato at a really sustainable price.
And also - let's give Caesar what belongs to Caesar - to let Chinese Gourmands discover why fresh Italian Gelato is universally reknown as the world's best ice cream, without any possible honest comparison.
Their friend Nicolò Pascale Guidotti Magnani was involved by Claudio and Mariateresa as a second senior operative partner for the engineering and management of all of the operative processes.

This quickly led to the foundation of “Franceschelli ( Beijing ) Food Dedvelopment, Co, Ltd”.

Bologna-based young talentuous architect and designer, Roberto Maci, was given the responsability of designing the Matrix Shop, according to François's supervision as “Ti Amo Italia”art director and worldwide marketing & communication manager.
This is the reason why our “Ti Amo Italia” Matrix Shop is so beautifully appealing & exciting, as well as being cool & unique.
Franceschelli Group is an over 30 year-old solid and enterprising Italian family-based group.
It successfully operates in key sectors such as integrated logistics, cargo airlines, housebuilding and amateurial sports.

Franceschelli Group aims at gradually developing its “Ti Amo Italia” franchising dedicated Brand & Trade Mark in China, North America and Brazil, to the extent of starting later on a phase of elective licensing in the areas of clothing and furnishing.